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2011 Photo Competition

A Buddhist monk in Cambodia, the spectacular rooftops of Santorini at sunset, an abandoned warehouse in Germany and a funny addition to the statues on Easter Island were chosen as the best pictures in the 2011 IMBA Photo Contest.

The winning contestants are Aaron Wenck, David Escarrega, Lisa Fiacco and Adam Hess – all members of the IMBA Class of 2011. Over 100 images were submitted in four categories:  Conceptual/Artistic, Experiences, People, and Places. These photos were taken in locations around the world by students traveling, studying foreign languages and interning abroad. Current IMBA students, alumni, faculty and staff cast votes to determine the winning photo in each category. The photo contest was initiated by IMBA students in 2005 to highlight a very important feature of the Moore IMBA program – international experience through an internship or study abroad. 

“Observing Beauty" won the People category. A Buddhist monk watches the sunset, while the tourists watch him. Lisa Fiacco photographed this image at Phnom Bakheng in Cambodia.

Photographed by Lisa Fiacco, Chinese Track, Class of 2011 in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
 Lisa Fiacco
  "Coffee Break" won the Experiences category. Aaron Wenck captured this image at an abandoned warehouse outside of his internship.

Photographed by Aaron Wenck, Spanish Track, Class of 2011 in Rüsselsheim, Germany.
 Aaron Wenck
  "Blending In" won the Artistic category. In the 1990s, Ahu Tongariki was restored to look the way it did before a tidal wave knocked over all fifteen moai. The sixteenth was added the day David went on a tour of Rapa Nui/Easter Island.

Photographed by David Escarrega, Spanish Track, Class of 2011 on Easter Island, Chile.
  "Santorini Sunset" won the Places category. Adam Hess photographed one of the world's most beautiful sunsets on the island of Santorini in Grece.

Photographed by Adam Hess, French Track, Class of 2011 in Oia, Greece.
 Adam Hess