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2009 Photo Competition

More than 100 photos were submitted for the 2009 IMBA Photo Contest. Photos were taken in 2008 during the students' time abroad and were submitted in four categories: Conceptual/Artistic, Experiences, People, and Places. The winning contestants are Andy Allen, Somil Mehta, Veesu Nakinbodee and Jeff Rollison – members of the IMBA Classes of 2009 and 2010. These images capture the diverse and culturally rich experiences students enjoy during the IMBA Program. The photo contest was initiated in 2005.

Donkey getting gas in Morocco
“Donkey getting gas in Morocco" won the Conceptual/Artistic category. While traveling in Morocco, Andy Allen realized sometimes even donkeys have to stop and refuel on a long journey.

Photographed by Andy Allen, French Track, Class of 2009 in Erfoud, Morocco.
Andy Allen
Amazon Sunset Cruise "Amazon Sunset Cruise" won the Experiences category. Jeff Rollison was sailing on the Amazon River outside of Manaus, Brazil at sunset and photographed this winning image.

Photographed by Jeff Rollison, Portuguese Track, Class of 2009 in Manaus, Brazil.
Jeff Rollison
Sumo People "Sumo People" won the People category. Veesu Nakinbodee photographed Sumo wrestlers as they gathered in a circle around the referee in the ring-entering ceremony at Sumo Hall, Ryogoku Kokugikan, during Japan's Grand Sumo tournaments.

Photographed by Veesu Nakinbodee, Japanese Track, Class of 2010 in Tokyo, Japan.
Veesu Nakinbodee
Big Ben "Big Ben" won the Places category. On a sunny day, unique for London, Somil Mehta captured this image of Big Ben.

Photographed by Somil Mehta, French Track, Class of 2009 in London, England.
Somil Mehta