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2008 Photo Competition

More than 400 photos were submitted for the 2008 IMBA Photo Contest. Photos were taken in 2007 during the students' time abroad and were submitted in four categories: Conceptual/Artistic, Experiences, People, and Places. The winning contestants are Scott Laronge, Kavita Maheshwari, Jeff Frame and Amanda McMillan – all members of the IMBA Class of 2008. The images capture the diverse and culturally rich experiences IMBA students enjoy during the IMBA Program. The photo contest was initiated in 2005. The winning photos in each category are below. 


“Henna Hands” won the Conceptual/Artistic category. Women participate in a wedding tradition in Mumbai, India. Scott Laronge interned with Amsterdam Sauer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Photographed by L. Scott Laronge, Portuguese Track, Class of 2008 in Mumbai, India.

Scott Laronge

"Holland Tulips" won the Experiences category. Kavita (pictured) visited a tulip field in Holland.

Submitted by Kavita Maheshwari, German Track, Class of 2008, photographed in Holland.

Kavita Maheshwari 

"Island Innocence" won for the People category. The image shows a child at home on a reed island in Lake Titicaca, Peru. Jeff interned with Mi Banco based in Lima, Peru.

Photographed by Jeff Frame, Spanish Track, Class of 2008 near Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Jeff Frame 

"Twelve Apostles" won for the Places category. Partial view of the Twelve Apostles of Great Ocean Road in Port Campbell, Australia. 

Photographed by Amanda McMillan, Global Track, Class of 2008 in Port Campbell, Australia. 

Amanda McMillan