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Delivering an integrated understanding of multinational business

Student in Moore School Graduate Lounge

The Moore School offers an innovative process in which candidates are completely immersed in a rigorous MBA curriculum, enrolled in intensive language courses, and then challenged to apply all the concepts they have learned to the successful implementation of an extensive corporate consulting project abroad.

  • Gain expertise focused on best practices across traditional business functions
  • Analyze comparative institutional differences through an ethnographic perspective
  • Develop an understanding of global strategic issues
  • Examine the context in which global business operates
  • Pursue language acquisition through a language module and in-country immersion

"What stood out to me about Moore School’s International MBA program was not only the long-standing tradition of excellence in its international
programs, but also its academic rigor and the opportunity to learn a new language."

Kyle Webb
International MBA 2013
German track
Post-MBA Employment:
Accenture Consulting

 Two-year tracks:
 French German 
 Three-year tracks:  Arabic

Three-year International MBA timeline (pdf)

The three-year program in China, Japan and Morocco includes a 13-month language immersion and a corporate internship.  

*Candidates who demonstrate language capability to waive Language 1 are able to take an additional functional core course. Those who waive Language 2 take an additional elective course in the fall.

#Some students may complete a project in addition to an internship.

Note: Some functional core classes may be offered after the International Marketplace Immersion.