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Corporate Internship

A central part of the Moore School IMBA program is a four-month internship with an international company in the region of a student’s language training. Students build on core classes and language training by working in country–gaining real-world work experience that adds value to job placement and career development. International students may choose to pursue an internship with a multinational company in the United States instead of a different international location. Our program is optimized when students complete an internship in an location that is different than their home country. Opportunities for internships and projects vary by company.

What our Students Say

"I was fortunate to
intern with Adidas in Herzogenaurach,Germany. I stood out among the other applicants due to the Moore School’s unique International MBA program and my past work experiences.”
-Elizabeth Johnson
German Track, 2013
Post-IMBA Employment:

Recent Corporate Internships  
Latin America
Asia and the Middle East I had the opportunity to work with management to develop a company-wide e-training program that explains how Michelin’s supply chain functions and why it is important to the company."
-Marc Young
French Track, IMBA 2014 Post IMBA Employment: 
Bank of America
ACM, Peru
Camposol, Peru
Citibank, Panama
DHL, Chile
Epson, Colombia
PPG, Brazil
Sonoco, Mexico

Adidas,      Germany
BMW, Germany
GBS Finanzas,
L'Oreal, France
Michelin, France

Apple, China
Hitachi, Japan
Home Depot,
Lenovo, China
Nissan, Japan
YouGov MENA,

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International MBA students work with an assigned career coach and a region-specific track leader to identify potential internship opportunities in their geographic region of interest. This allows students to receive professional guidance on the process of securing an internship. Each student is responsible for interviewing for and securing their internship.