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International MBA

Fellowships are highly competitive and are awarded to incoming IMBA students with outstanding academic and professional accomplishments. Selection criteria include, but are not limited to, leadership potential based on community service and extracurricular activities, standardized test scores, academic background and work experience. Each fellowship has specific selection and eligibility criteria.

There is no separate application for fellowships and all applications which comply with each particular fellowship’s requirements are automatically considered. Applicants will be notified if they are selected as a candidate for fellowships which require an additional interview. Please refer to the Admissions Process page for specific dates regarding the fellowship process.

Though the selection process is competitive in nature, there are a good number of opportunities available. It is anticipated that strong admitted applicants to the IMBA program could be eligible to receive a financial award package equivalent to 70-100% of the applicable program fee.

Financial Award Selection Criteria

Every year, the Moore School’s IMBA committee looks to form a strong and diverse class with students that have dedicated part of their academic and professional life to be agents of change and growth in their organizations and communities around the world. Many factors may be taken into consideration for each specific fellowship. Some of those aspects are:

  • Peace Corps: The Moore School highly values the experience obtained through volunteering in diverse host countries. Exposure to the language and the type of challenges faced in such assignments, in combination with pre or post-assignment work experience, allows the applicant to offer great value to the class as well as to his or her own career progression. Please make sure to mark the corresponding Peace Corps box in the IMBA Questionnaire section of the application.
  • The Golden Key International Honour Society Membership: The Moore School finds membership and participation in Golden Key to be a sign of academic excellence. Please make sure to mark the corresponding Golden Key International Honour Society Member box in the IMBA Questionnaire section of the application.
  • Work Experience: Professional, post-college full-time work experience is often a valid predictor of not only IMBA candidate's academic success in the program, but also of their success from a future career perspective. Diverse backgrounds in areas such as business and operations; government and military; and NGO's among other areas are highly regarded. More importantly, the career progression of the applicants and their ability to translate and extrapolate their past experiences into solutions to day-to-day business challenges is valued.
  • Internship and Community Service: A well-rounded applicant also has diverse experiences in terms of internships in their country of origin or abroad. Exposure to different cultural settings and challenges as well as the candidate’s involvement in the community (locally or globally) is highly regarded.

Each admitted applicant to the IMBA brings a wealth of diversity in terms of their cultural background, professional experience, volunteer activities, as well as other important factors such as undergraduate performance, communication skills and standardized test scores. Utilizing a holistic approach, the Moore School seeks to create an IMBA cohort of diverse, talented and high-potential candidates.

Scholarships for Current Students

The Virginia B. Gourdin Scholarship is available to women currently enrolled in a graduate program at the Darla Moore School of Business. For more information visit the Scholarships Section of The Center for Scholarship Administration.