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A student who participates in this unique opportunity will graduate with a MIB degree from the Moore School and an ESCP Europe Master in Management degree. The Moore School offers this double degree to up to five MIB applicants each year. Candidates for a double degree will be evaluated based on the strength of their application and supporting documents, GMAT scores and indications they are culturally, academically and personally motivated to participate in the program.

Meet Sara - She offers the French student perspective on the Double Degree Program with ESCP and USC:




Program Structure

The length of study for the double degree is two years, and students may not deviate from the program structure. This program also includes a 39 week internship. The two years are split into four semesters, as follows:

Semester I, Fall   MIB coursework at the Moore School 
Semester II, Spring  MIB coursework at the Moore School 
Semester III, Fall  Master in Management coursework at ESCP
Semester IV, Spring  Master in Management coursework at ESCP


School  Requirement  Details 
 ESCP Core Curriculum***  (50 ECTS credits) 
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Psychology and Management
  • Management Control
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organization and Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategy
  • Corporate Law II
  Elective Courses*** 

 50 ECTS credits
Choose Two 
  Language Courses 

Choose Two 
  Professional Internship 

39 weeks 
  Master's Thesis***   16 ECTS Credits
 Moore School  Core Curriculum
  • Nation States, Regional Networks and Global Markets 
  • Comparative Institutional Systems
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Sustaining the Global Enterprise
  • International Business Negotiations
   International Business Electives

   International Studies/Comparative Politics Electives

 Learn more
   Foreign Policy Regional Specialization Elective  

**Please note, these courses are not given in American credit hours, but in ECTS credits.

The Paris Experience - A Blog by Sara, ESCP Double Degree Student

"The Paris campus of ESCP Europe is nestled into a small community within this famous and beautiful city. Classes are held in the 11th arrondissement (district), only 20 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. This area is filled with nice and inexpensive places for students to eat and to enjoy the French atmosphere and cosmopolitan culture. My favorite local restaurant is one very close to ESCP called "Les pieds sous la table", on the Rue St Maur. The lady who cooks makes the best French quiches! Also, in Paris we love cafés - It's the best Parisian way of meeting with friends and very important to our culture.

"During their free time, students often gather in parks. I like hanging out close to the Invalides. They are huge lawns where you can play soccer on the weekends, bring a picnic and spend evenings drinking some wine with your friends. Students can also stroll through the different areas of the city, explore the shops and enjoy the local way of life. There are also a lot of monuments and museums to visit. Many of them are free for people under 25. I love to climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe and enjoy the great view! Or you can explore the city on Parisian bikes called the "Velib". You need to register online and then you can find bikes all over Paris. It has a discount price for Student so it's very cheap. I also recommend exchange students go to visit the castles in the countryside close to Paris such as in Versailles, Fontainebleau and Sceaux. These areas are only a 30 minute train ride away, and you can spend the afternoon taking a nap in the beautiful parks next to the castles!

"While you’re studying in Paris, be sure to take the opportunity to learn some French! Students at ESCP can speak English, but if you want to meet more French people and fit into the culture, I recommend you learn to speak their language. They have French classes for exchange students at ESCP and you can also find students willing to be your conversation partner, but the best way to practice is to make some French friends!

"One opportunity to do this is by participating in one of the extracurricular activities that ESCP offers to all students. These include student organizations, sports teams and exercise classes and they can greatly enhance the semester experience. I played on a handball team one semester and loved it! The biggest student organization on campus is “BDE.” They organize ESCP parties, trips throughout Europe and other socials and events. Also, the ESCP Europe Alumni association also organizes a lot of networking events, which is a great way to meet professionals in your area of study."


For those interested in participating in the double degree, please make sure to check the appropriate box on your online application. If you are applying directly to the Moore School, no additional application is needed for ESCP. We need to receive your online application and supporting documents/test scores, prior to June 1 in order to be considered for the double degree. For those students who have already applied/been accepted to the MIB program, please contact us immediately if you are interested in the double degree.

Please direct any questions regarding the double degree to:

Angel Earle
Managing Director, MIB program
Office:    +1.803.777.6169