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A student who participates in this unique opportunity will graduate with a MIB degree from the Moore School and with a Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) from the University of Mannheim. The Moore School offers this double degree opportunity for up to five MIB applicants each year. Candidates for the double degree will be evaluated based on the strength of their application and supporting documents, GMAT scores and indications they are culturally, academically and personally motivated to participate in the program. German proficiency is not a requirement, as courses taught at Mannheim can be taken in English. For those who wish to gain a preliminary foundation in German, language courses will be offered prior to the start of Mannheim MMM classes.

An MIB German student shares his perspective on the Double Degree program with Mannheim and USC:

Program Structure

This double degree program is two years in length. Students may not deviate from the program structure in any way. The two years are split into four semesters, as follows:

Semester I, Fall: MMM coursework at Mannheim

Semester II, Spring: MIB coursework at the Moore School

Semester III, Fall: MIB coursework at the Moore School

Semester IV, Spring: MMM coursework at Mannheim

Upon successful completion of Semester III, a double degree student will graduate with the MIB in December at the Moore School. Upon successful completion of Semester IV, a double degree student will graduate with the MMM degree at Mannheim.

Double degree students will join the current MMM students at Mannheim in the first and fourth semesters, and MIB students at the Moore School in both Spring and Fall semesters. This provides an excellent opportunity to expand one's business networks globally.


During their studies at Mannheim, double degree students will complete the following coursework:

School  Requirement  Details 
University of Mannheim  MMM Core Curriculum
  •  Decision Analysis
  • Applied Econometrics or Empirical Methods
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Economics I
  • Business Economics II
   Business Administration Electives Includes prerequisites for the final master's thesis 
   Master's Thesis  
 Moore School   Core Curriculum
  •  Nations States, Regional Networks and Global Markets
  • Comparative Institutional Systems
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Sustaining the Global Enterprise
  • International Business Negotiations

International Business Electives

  International Studies/Comparative Politics Electives 

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  Foreign Policy Regional Specialization Elective


For those interested in participating in the double degree, please make sure to check the appropriate box on your online application. If you are applying directly to the Moore School, no separate application is needed for Mannheim. 

We need to receive your online application and supporting documents/test scores, prior to June 1 in order to be considered for the double degree. For those students who have already applied/been accepted to the MIB program, please contact us immediately if you are interested in the double degree. 

Please direct any questions regarding the double degree to:

Angel Earle
Managing Director, MIB program
Graduate Division
Office:    +1.803.777.6169