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Hong Kong

Getting Your Masters After the Undergraduate IBCE Program

The undergraduate International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE) program is an intensive four year course of study that develops undergraduate students into professionals who can operate and succeed in the Chinese business environment. The program is comprised of 20 students from USC and 20 students from Chinese University in Hong Kong (CUHK). Students move between institutions together, learning valuable teamwork and networking skills by relying on their peers for support while navigating a new country.CUHK students from this program have the opportunity to further their studies in the United States by participating in the Masters of International Business (MIB) Program. 

Meet Chris - He describes the MIB program from the Hong Kong student perspective:

 Cantonese - 收看廣東話版本視頻   Mandarin -  收看普通話版本視頻 

CUHK Student Options
CUHK students are encouraged to apply to one of our five double degree programs. Through these unique experiences, students are able to extend their studies at USC, complete a Masters of International Business and also travel to a second country to receive a masters degree from one of our world-renowned partner universities. Alternatively, they can apply to the one-year MIB program where they can experience the USC graduate program and complete their degree in just 9 months. Click the links below to learn more about each program!

One More Year to Enjoy USC

Two Years, Two Countries, Two Degrees

The USC Experience From a CUHK Perspective - a blog by Chris
"Living in Columbia is a vastly different experience for students used to the bustling metropolitan of Hong Kong.Yet it has been, and will always be, a journey that is worthwhile and rewarding. We have learned to enjoy the beautiful, relaxing pace of life in Columbia. We love to sit outside, enjoy the fresh air and comfortable weather, and watch the delight of squirrels and falling autumn leaves. 

We are proud to be Gamecocks. Needless to say, we enjoy the crazy football games and the spirit of the Williams-Brice Stadium. We also love watching free movies at Russell House, meeting for lunch with other students, and working out at the superb Strom Gym. As the center of this college town, USC’s campus is nice to stroll or bike across. The area welcomes guests with its natural and historic beauty. As someone who is very active, the service opportunities, international events, and Greek and student organizations give me much to enjoy. I am equally impressed with the international business faculty, the university research capabilities, and the Thomas Cooper Library. Columbia is also within a comfortable driving distance from Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte, Atlanta, and more exciting travel destinations - perfect for adventurous Hong Kong students who love to explore more of the country during breaks and weekends. We’ve truly been able to live a piece of the American life here."