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The Master of International Business (MIB) curriculum focuses on the interaction of political, economic and cultural aspects of global business and enables students to develop a better understanding of the relationship between enterprise and government.  Students can also develop a further specialization in a chosen area of interest through elective course work in international business and international politics.

Hear how this flexibility has allowed one student to pursue her unique career goals:

The Structure

The MIB curriculum consists of 30 credit hours, including 15 hours of core courses, 6 hours of international business electives, and 9 hours of international affairs electives. Elective courses will vary by semester and are subject to change.  The following is a sample listing of MIB coursework:

School within USC  Code  Subject of Course 
   IBUS  International Business Topics
   ECON  Economics
 Moore School of Business  MGMT  Management
                                                           MGSC  Management Science
   FINA  Finance

 POLI Political Science 
 College of Arts & Sciences   GEOG Geography 
   PHIL  Philosophy
 School of Law  LAW International Law 

Core Requirements (15 hours)

IBUS 734 - International Business Negotiations

IBUS 705 –  Sustaining the Global Enterprise

IBUS 706 –  Nation States, Regional Networks and Global Markets

IBUS 707 –  Comparative Institutional Systems

POLI 710 –  Introduction to International Relations

International Business Electives* (Six hours - Choose 2)

IBUS 701- International Financial Management

IBUS 708 - International Legal Environments

IBUS 709 - International Intellectual Property Strategy and Management

IBUS 710 - Global Stakeholder Management

IBUS 711 - Global Corporate Valuation

IBUS 731 - Global Competitive Analysis

IBUS 735 - International Mergers and Acquisitions

IBUS 544 - Business In Africa

MBAD 702 - Strategic Management

ECON 503 - International Trade Economics

ECON 505 - International Development Economics

ECON 705 - Economic Development

MGSC 871 - Global Sourcing: Strategies and Applications

ACCT 506 - International Financial Reporting

International Affairs Electives* (9 Hours - Choose 3)

LAW 614 – International Business Transactions

LAW 784 – Transnational Law

GEOG 568 – Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change

GEOG 569 – Environment and Development

GEOG 581 – Globalization & Cultural Questions

POLI 548 – Politics and Government in China

POLI 717 – Comparative Foreign Policy

POLI 719 – Politics and Social Change

POLI 731 – Government and Politics of Latin America

POLI 734 – Economics of International Politics

POLI 737 – Nationalism and Politics

POLI 746 – Chinese Foreign Policy

POLI 747 – Japanese Foreign Policy

POLI 749 – International Relations of the Middle East

POLI 781 – Government and Politics of Japan

POLI 783 – Dynamics of Middle East Politics

POLI 784 – Government and Politics of Europe

POLI 785 – Contemporary Russian Politics

POLI 797 – Comparative Public Administration

* NOTE: These courses are examples of those offered in the past and may be subject to change and/or availability.


Please direct any questions regarding the MIB program to:
Angel Earle
Managing Director, MIB program