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Program Overview

We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2017 class! Our 16-month program is full-time, on-campus in Columbia, South Carolina. 

In today’s business environment of rapid technological change, global competition, and an emphasis on efficiency, the human resource function is recognized as an important strategic partner.

Innovation, customer service and efficiency all depend on hiring the right people, developing their skills and abilities, motivating them through effective reward systems and helping them learn how to function as part of a business team. A key factor separating successful firms from less-profitable competitors is how each manages its human resources. Human resources plays a central role in all of the major challenges facing businesses today.

Established in 1983, the Master of Human Resources program at the Darla Moore School of Business has become a recognized leader in this field. Moore has built this reputation with:

  • An emphasis on strategic partnership between HR and general management
  • A “generalist” oriented program of study
  • A required internship
  • Historically high placement rates

The strong education and practical experience you will receive in the Master of Human Resources (MHR) program at the Moore School will prepare you for the exciting challenges you will face as an HR professional. You will be thoroughly trained in the traditional and essential functions of recruiting, selecting, designing compensation plans, achieving compliance with government regulations, coordinating benefits packages and managing labor issues. In addition, you will learn how HR professionals serve as strategic business partners to manage the enormous change in today’s workplace.

The MHR Advantage Means:

  • A personalized educational experience with limited enrollment and an interactive learning environment
  • Outstanding placement rates
  • Strong corporate support allowing for numerous fellowship opportunities
  • A required professional internship for every student
  • A rigorous curriculum which familiarizes graduates with every major human resource function, filtered through the strategic business partner paradigm
  • High admissions standards that ensure student quality and high placement rates

Value-Added in the Workplace

In today's environment of rapid technological change, national and international competition and increased government regulation, the human resource function has become vital to the success of the firm. HR professionals must work as strategic partners with general management in order to manage change and help the employer achieve organizational effectiveness. The HR manager helps the employer achieve its objectives through activities such as:

  • Moving firms to team-based structures
  • Managing re-engineering efforts
  • Restructuring departments or entire organizations 
  • Providing development opportunities for employees

All of these activities can lead to a better trained and loyal work force. The strong educational and practical experience you will receive in the Master of Human Resources program will prepare you for the exciting challenges you will face as an HR professional.

Please click for additional information on tuition and fees and criteria for admission.

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