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Tuition & Fees

The Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina charges a program fee to attend. The program fee is assessed at South Carolina resident and non-South Carolina resident rates. The MHR program assesses the program fee at a per-credit-hour rate. The program fee information is outlined in general below. 

Resident Type Program Fee
(per credit hour)
Total Credit Hours
for Full Program 
Estimated Program
Fee Total
MHR SC Resident $528  45 $23,776
MHR Non-SC Resident $1,031  45 $46,405 
MHR-JD Resident  $528   33  $17,424 
 MHR-JD Non-SC Resident $1,031   33  $34,023

All program and university fees are subject to change without notice upon Board of Trustees mandate. Cost of living and travel expenses vary per individual and are not reflected in the figures above.


Program fee is billed 25% per semester, not by credit hour. This includes 2 fall semesters, 1 spring, and 1 summer. In-state tuition packages are available for qualifying candidates. 

If you live in a state that is part of the Academic Common Market (ACM), you may be eligible for in-state tuition.  States that are currently eligble for in-state tuition through the Academic Common Market for the MHR program are:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Virginia
Please see the ACM website or our Financing Your Education details for more information.

    Application Fee $100
    Deposit $1000
    Matriculation Fee (one time) $80
    Technology Fee (per semester) $200
    International Student Enrollment Fee $500

    *Deposit is non refundable and applied to first payment.