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MACC Summer Boot Camp

You Don't Need an Accounting Degree to Become a CPA
Business Majors can earn their MACC (and become CPA eligible) in 13 months or less!

You already have a business degree, so add value to your career by receiving a Master of Accountancy (MACC) and becoming a CPA. Whether you want to leverage your existing skills or completely transition into the accounting field, the UofSC MACC program's Summer Boot Camp (SBC) can help you obtain your graduate degree and become CPA eligible in 13 months or less.

The Details

The SBC allows you to complete your accounting prerequisite courses in an accelerated format. Over the summer, you complete 4 (of the 6) accounting prerequisite and 2 (of the 10) MACC courses. The remaining accounting prerequisite and MACC courses are completed in the fall and spring semesters. If you participate in our recruiting cycle during the fall, you should expect to complete your MACC in June. A sample curriculum of the Summer Boot Camp + MACC program can be found below.

The SBC's accelerated format does not skimp on quality or content. You are exposed to the same academic rigor as our traditional accounting undergraduate and MACC students. In fact, the accelerated format places you in the same prerequisite courses as our undergraduate accounting students to ensure you have a solid technical accounting foundation when you enter the MACC program. Plus, your MACC schedule is no different than our traditional MACC student. 

Participating in the SBC + MACC allows you to complete the academic hour requirements to be licensed as a CPA in any state. Students completing their accounting prerequisite courses and MACC at UofSC enjoy a 92% CPA Exam pass rate -- compared to national average of 55% (2014). 

UofSC MACC students are highly sought after by employers --- in fact over 47 different organizations recruited our students over the last year. This includes all of the big four accounting firms, multinational consulting firms, and many other great international, regional and local accounting firms and businesses. Our strong reputation with these employers, and excellent performance of previous MACC students, allows 100% of our students to be employed by graduation (2015). 

Lastly, the UofSC MACC program allows you to tailor your experience to meet your individual career needs. You can take virtually any graduate level course as an elective in the MACC. We provide guidance for our students through certificate programs and specialization options, but the options to customize your MACC curriculum are endless.

Sample Summer Boot Camp + BMA Track Curriculum

Sample Summer Boot Camp + BMA Track Curriculum

Summer Boot Camp Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the Summer Boot Camp only available for the BMA track?
BMA and TAX track students may participate in SBC courses. However, only BMA track students can complete the program in 13 months or less if you have not yet taken a tax course. TAX track students participating in the SBC will need to take classes in 2 different fall terms to complete our program (ex. A TAX track student beginning SBC in May 2016 would likely not complete our MACC until December 2017 due to the course sequencing and availability of TAX track courses).

Is the Summer Boot Camp available online?
No. SBC courses are taught live at the Darla Moore School of Business. Online or distance-education upper level accounting prerequisite courses are not accepted by our program..

Can I work full-time and complete the Summer Boot Camp?
Probably not. SBC courses are offered in an accelerated five-days-a-week format. Each class is approximately two-hours, and contains significant preparation between classes. Full SBC participants take two classes at a time, which would equate to a 40-hour-a-week workload. Pairing this with a significant amount of outside employment will make succeeding in our program extremely difficult.

Is there a separate application/admissions process for the Summer Boot Camp?
No. SBC participants are admitted based on the same admissions criteria as our traditional students. Please visit our admissions and admissions process pages for more information on how to complete your application and how applicants are evaluated.

Are financial awards and/or loans available for the Summer Boot Camp?
Yes! SBC participants are eligible for awards just like all MACC students. This includes our awards to reduce tuition to in-state rates for nonresidents. The boot camp is also structured to allow you to obtain loans, if necessary. Please visit our Financing Your MACC page for more information on financial awards and loan programs.

I have already taken a couple of accounting courses, but have not completed all of the accounting prerequisites. Do I need to complete the entire Summer Boot Camp? 
No. You only need to complete the prerequisite courses you have not yet completed. In this situation, you will be taking fewer classes than the 16 shown in the sample curriculum above. To determine if you are missing/have completed prerequisite courses, contact us at for a pre-application workup.

Are prerequisite courses required for the Summer Boot Camp?
Completing your MACC and prerequisite courses in 13 months or fewer assumes you have completed our business prerequisite courses. Most business majors have completed these as part of their undergraduate degree. We do admit students missing these prerequisites, but they must be completed within our program. This means, beyond the SBC and MACC, you would need to complete up to 10 additional prerequisite courses. To determine if you are missing/have completed prerequisite courses, contact us at for a pre-application workup.

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