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MACC Specializations

It's your career; it's your MACC degree: take the classes that interest you.

You want to work in a diverse accounting profession, so why would you consider a lock-step program? We offer you the flexibility to customize our curriculum to meet your individual interests through six specializations and two certificates incorporated into our program. The possibilities of customization are endless, however, as you can take virtually any graduate-level course offered at USC-Columbia as an elective -- including study abroad courses. Each specialization below contains numerous courses for you to choose, and you have the opportunity to mix-and-match to create an educational experience perfect for the career you are beginning.


Advisory - Consulting Services

From internal audit, internal controls, cyber security or an enterprise-wide issue, dive into the world of identifying, analyzing and prioritizing risk with the Advisory - Consulting Services specialization. Learn to provide value-added solutions to clients, manage risk, and minimize uncertainty.

Advisory - Transaction Services

Expand on your finance background through the Advisory - Transaction Services specialization to prepare you for a career in advisory and financial transaction service areas. Perfect for those looking to enter the service areas of mergers, acquisitions, and business valuation.


If you are pursuing career opportunities with multinational firms, the International specialization allows you to enhance your MACC experience with a global perspective. Study abroad opportunities are also available.

Small Business/Firm

The Small Business/Firm specialization is perfect for those who plan to open their own practice. Add to your accounting foundation with the human resource and business management skills that will help you succeed.

CPA Exam Preparation

Filling in the content gaps that may be present from your undergraduate courses, the CPA Exam Preparation specialization will help reduce the amount of time you may have to self-study for the exam. 

Managerial Accounting (CMA)

Not interested in public accounting? The Managerial Accounting (CMA) specialization is great for students looking to enter industry jobs in accounting. Fill in content gaps as you prepare to obtain the CMA designation.


Business Analytics Certificate

Business Analytics is the study of data through statistical and operations analysis, the formation of predictive models, application of optimization techniques and the communication of these results to clients, business partners and colleagues. This certificate, based on bench-marking across academia and industry, focuses on quantitative methods and the role of evidence-based data in business modeling and decision-making. 

Systems + Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Certificate

The Systems + Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) certificate is perfect for students looking for a career focused around IT and accounting. The ERP certificate provides students with the ability to gain an overall understanding and working knowledge of the function, design, control and use of ERP systems. It is based on the premise that students should understand at a conceptual level both their own technology as well as the technology of the entities with which they interact. In addition to understanding ERP systems, this certificate also focuses on understanding how, administratively and operationally, each area of the organization interacts, leverages, and affects each other to create a desired outcome across the organization.

The curriculum provides students with sufficient conceptual understanding and applied skills to be able to navigate the complexities of transaction processing and data queries inherent in modern ERP systems. Emphasis is given to the predominant ERP system within large organizations, which is SAP, culminating in SAP TERP 10 instruction and the TERP 10 examination. Students Students have the option to sit for the industry recognized SAP TERP10 examination.

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