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Doctoral Student Association

The Moore School Doctoral Student Association serves as a liaison between doctoral students in Business Administration and Economics at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina and University administration regarding academic progress, policy and practices. It also provides representation of the doctoral students on the University Graduate School Student Advisory Committee.

The DSA has three main goals:

  1. Provides doctoral students the opportunity to interact socially with faculty, administrators, and each other.
  2. Encourages academic enrichment through a variety of activities.
  3. Encourages community service by it's members.

Elections for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Social Chairperson are held every year. The organization hosts activities every month culminating with the annual awards ceremony each Spring. All Moore School doctoral students are invited to participate.

DSA Photo Gallery

A Day at the Lake: Katina Jordan, Meredith David and Adam Craig Meike Eilert and Cigdem Ataseven
Doctoral Students at the Annual DSA Awards Chei Hwee Chua, Valentina Marano and Kurt Norder
Anna Katherine Ward and Ashley Metcalf Students gather for an evening out at the DSA Welcome Back Party
Happy Hour at Blue:  Another DSA Monthly Event! Meike Eilert, Ashley Metcalf and David Norton
Tammie Rech, Vicki Glackin and Linda Quick Hye Sun Kang, Helen Wang, Guanglian Hu, Pulkit Nigam, Gang Xiao and Xiaolan Zheng
Helen Wang and Hye Sun Kang at the Weekend in Asheville for the Doctoral Students     Doctoral Candidates in Marketing: Kealy Carter, Cristobal Barra, and Katina Jordan
Happy Hour at Blue: Guanzhi Shang, Adam Craig and Anna Katherine Ward Kurt Norder, Robin Soster and Daniel Ostergaard