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Economics Academic Program

Course Requirements

A planned course of study is organized at the beginning of the student's period of residence. This plan is formulated by the student in conference with a three-person advisory committee designated by the Director of Graduate Studies.  Changes and departures from this plan will be subject to the approval of the student's advisory committee and the Director of Graduate Studies.

The required core of 18 hours consists of: 

  • ECON 771 (Special Topics in Microeconomics)
  • ECON 785 (Macro)
  • ECON 786 (Micro I)
  • ECON 788 (Micro II)
  • ECON 795 (Econometrics I)
  • ECON 895 (Econometrics II )

There will be six field courses offered in the second year. All students will be required to take these six courses. These offerings will take advantage of the department's strengths in international economics and applied microeconomics.  The six courses will include international trade, international monetary economics, economic growth and development, and three courses in three separate applied-microeconomics areas (selected from environmental economics, experimental economics, health economics, industrial economics, and labor economics). The particular course offerings will be announced during the student's first year. Up to two courses may be taken outside the department with the approval of the student's advisory committee and the graduate director. If this option is chosen, the student is required to take the remaining field courses from those offered by the department.