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Page Prize 2015

2015 Grand Prize Winner

University of Vermont
Grossman School of Business
Curricula: Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA Program

 Dr. Carolyn Bonifield  Mr. Cairn Cross
 Mr. Joe Fusco  Dr. Jac Geurts
 Oliver Goodenough, Esq.    Dr. Stuart Hart
 Dr. David Jones  Dr. Kevin Jones
 Mark Latham, Esq.  Dr. Erik Monsen
 Dr. Tom Noordiwier  Ms. Joanne Pencak
 Dr. Taylor Ricketts  Dr. Chuck Schnitzlein
 Dr. PramoDITA Sharma  Dr. Sanjay Sharma

 Dr. Prem Timsina  Dr. Rick Vanden Bergh
 Dr. Jie Zhang
The students enrolled at the University of Vermont's Sustainable Entrepreneurship MBA (SEMBA) program learn how to create profitable, sustainable, business opportunities in a world undergoing transformational change. As graduates of our program, these students will become the next generation of business leaders and change agents - disruptors, innovators, and visionary entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. The SEMBA program seeks to fundamentally reinvent business education and the MBA degree to address the challenges we face in the 21st century-environment, ethics, entrepreneurship, poverty, and inequality. Every course in the SEMBA program highlights issues of sustainability and innovation. Experience-based learning is a central component of the SEMBA curriculum and most of the courses include project-based work. The program is structured in 4 modules of 7-8 weeks each. Each module consists of a series of short, intense 1-2 credit courses, with a total of 45 credits overall. The program is an AACSB accredited MBA.

2015 Honorable Mentions

Simmons College
Simmons School of Management
Curricula: "Managing CSR" and "Sustainability Analysis and Reporting"

 Dr. R. Ryan Raffety

Amanda Reilly

University of Colorado Business School
Curriculum: Marketing and Global Sustainability

 Dr. Sue Keaveney

 Dr. Olga Hawn