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Page Prize 2014

2014 Grand Prize Winners

McGill University

Marcel Desautels Institute for Integrated Management Dr. Steve Maguire

Dr. Emmanuelle Vaast

Dr. Jeroen Struben

Dr. Paul Kalyta

Dr. Dror Etzion

Dr. Tamer Boyaci
Curricula: "Concentration & Major in Managing for Sustainability (Selective Courses)

    The new Bachelor of Commerce Concentration and Major in Managing for Sustainability at the Desautels Faculty of Management (McGill University) includes required and optional courses from within the Faculty of Management, the McGill School of Environment, and the Department of Geography, which are complemented by a wide array of electives from departments and academic units across the full spectrum of sustainability disciplines. New courses such as Systems Thinking and Sustainability, Technology & Innovation for Sustainability, and Sustainability Consulting have been added to established courses in Strategies for Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The link to the program flyer gives a broader overview academic requirement of the concentration and major requirements. The new Managing for Sustainability programming was established to respond to the growing demand for sustainability managers and professionals in the private sector, consultancies, government agencies, NGOs, and international organizations - managers that combine traditional business skills with environmental knowledge and an understanding of social systems and stakeholder expectations. To support in-course students and graduates from both programs, the team developed a new BCom Sustainability Careers Handbook and are currently working closely with Desautels' Career Centre to ensure students receive timely and effective advise as well as access to internship opportunities and work placements.




    Villanova University

    Villanova School of Business Dr. Jonathan Doh
    Course: Strategies for Sustainability
    The course Strategies for Sustainability by Dr. Jonathan Doh is has a multi-disciplinary scope and integrates various perspectives from climate science, public policy, engineering, finance, management, international business, marketing, and others.  The course takes an explicitly international focus, integrating principles of global management, international relations, and global governance.  Important components of the course are the original cases and simulations that Dr. Doh developed, co-wrote, or were authored by students under his supervision, along with others developed by academics and practitioners. Assignments in this course are hands-on and involve students engaging with the literature but also directly with practitioners to undertake their analysis.  Enrollment for the course includes students from all business majors, along with students from environmental science, biology, and other arts and sciences and majors.


    2014 Honorable Mentions

    Bryant University

    College of Business Dr. John Visich
    Courses: Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global Supply Chain

    Penn State

    Smeal College of Business Dr. Karen Winterich
    Course: Sustainable Behavior of Consumers, Firms, and Societies

    St. Joseph's University

    Erivan K. Haub School of Business Sustainability Initiatives

    (pictured, left to right), Dr. Ronald Dufresne, Dr. João Neiva de Figueiredo, Dr. Carolin Schellhorn, and Dr. David Steingard. Not pictured, Dr. Diane Phillips. 

    Curricula: Sustainability Leadership