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Program Learning Goals for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The overall goal of the Undergraduate Program at the Darla Moore School of Business is to produce students with the capacity to compete and be productive in today’s complex business environment. The Undergraduate Program in Business will provide high quality management education that develops the skills required to meet the diverse needs of employers in a variety of areas in business. Specifically, as a result of the education they receive at the Moore School of Business:

  1. Our graduates will be effective communicators. They will be able to convey ideas clearly – both orally and in properly written English.
  2. Our graduates will be effective decision-makers. They will be able to apply problem-solving skills in a manner that allows them to make sound business decisions.
  3. Our graduates will be able to use information technology. They will be able to make effective use of information system tools in day-to-day business communications, analysis, and decision making.
  4. Our graduates will understand the legal environment in which businesses operate. They will understand ethical dilemmas in business settings, and have the reasoning abilities required to provide sound recommendations for resolving these dilemmas.
  5. Our graduates will understand the impact of globalization on business activities.
  6. Our graduates will acquire multicultural understanding so that they will be able to maneuver in an increasingly competitive, complex and diverse business environment.
  7. Our graduates will understand core concepts in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, management, management science, marketing and operations. They will be able to integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the functional areas of business to deal with issues from the integrated perspective of a business as a whole.

In addition to these seven learning goals, each undergraduate major within the Darla Moore School of Business has its own learning goals.  For the learning goals for each major, please follow the links below:

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 Insurance & Risk Management
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 International Business
 Undergraduate International Business Program Learning Goals
 Management  Undergraduate Management Program Learning Goals
 Management Science
 Undergraduate Management Science Program Learning Goals
 Marketing  Undergraduate Marketing Program Learning Goals
 Real Estate
 Undergraduate Real Estate Program Learning Goals