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Tenure Track

Nancy R. Buchan, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

University of Pennsylvania, 1998
Academic Research Interests:  Building and maintenance of fairness, trust and cooperation in cross-cultural relationships 

Omrane Guedhami, Ph.D.
Laval University, 2003
Academic Research Interests:  Privatization, liberalization, and corporate governance, with a particular focus on emerging markets 

Tatiana Kostova, Ph.D.
Buck Mickel Chair and Professor of International Business
University of Minnesota, 1996
Academic Research Interests:  International management, knowledge management in MNCs, legitimacy of MNCs, social capital in MNCs 

Sali Li, Ph.D.
University of Utah, 2007
Academic Research Interests:  Multinational strategy, international entrepreneurship and emerging economies

Chuck C.Y. Kwok, Ph.D.
Charles W. Coker, Sr. Distinguished Moore Fellow
University of Texas, 1984
Academic Research Interests:  International financial management, international business education, and business in Pacific Asia 

Gerald A. McDermott, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1998
Academic Research Interests:  Institutional change, global strategy, business-government relations, emerging markets, especially Latin America, East-Central Europe 

Michael Murphree, Ph.D.
Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014
Academic Research Interests:

Lite Nartey, Ph.D.
The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2008
Academic Research Interests:  Business-government & business-society dynamics, political risk & nonmarket strategies, stakeholder engagement, [strategic] corporate social responsibility & business ethics, African investment & development

Robert J. Rolfe, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma, 1983
Academic Research Interests:  Competitive strategies in developing countries, micro-finance, foreign investment in Africa 

Kendall Roth, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, nternational Programs and Partnerships
Chair, Sonoco International Business Department
Executive Director, CIBER
J. Willis Cantey Chair for International Business and Economics

University of South Carolina, 1986
Academic Research Interests:  Competition in global industries, global strategy implementation, top management decision making 

Andrew Spicer, Ph.D.
Faculty Director, Fulltime MBA Programs
University of Pennsylvania, 1998
Academic Research Interests:  Organizational and institutional change in post-communist economies 

Hildy Teegen, Ph.D.
University of Texas, 1993
Academic Research Interests:  Global business and interactions between firms, governments, and nongovernmental organizations; strategic and economic valuation of resources contributed by negotiating parties; cross-cultural interactions, strategic and societal impact of collaboration and associated economic development considerations 

Marc van Essen, Ph.D.
Erasmus University, 2011
Academic Research Interests: Comparative corporate governance; institution-based view of business strategy; ownership concentration; ownership identity; meta-analytic research methods

Clinical Faculty

Ken Erickson, Ph.D.
University of Kansas, 1995
Academic Research Interests:  Business anthropology; retail in urban and rural China; microbusiness; ethnographic methods

Alice Leri, Ph.D.
Tilburg University, 2014
Academic Research Interests: Halal marketing; Halal consumption practices; Business and Religion; Cultural studies;Turkish American studies

Frank Rydzewski, MBA
Drexel University, 1974
Academic Research Interests: Strategy, Product Management, and Globalization, as well as undergraduate instruction in International Business & Marketing Field Studies

Daniel Ostergaard, MPA, MA National Security and Strategic Studies
Director, MIB Program
Harvard University, 2004
U.S. Naval War College, 2003
Academic Research Interests:  National security and international business; strategic natural resources; business-government relations

Adjunct Faculty

A.J. Heath, J.D.
Harvard Law School, 1969

Sonya Kostadinova, MIBS
University of South Carolina, 1998
Academic Research Interests: International Trade, the complexity of management decision making in constantly changing global political, macroeconomic, and business environment, private-government-academic partnerships, incubators of global entrepreneurship and drivers of economic growth

David A. Ricks, Ph.D.
Indiana University, 1970
Academic Research Interests:  Understanding cultural differences, cross-cultural communication problems, causes and methods of preventing international business blunders, ethical issues in international business, and international business challenges and opportunities in Central Europe.

Emeritus Faculty

James A. Kuhlman, Ph.D. 
Northwestern University, 1971
Academic Research Interests:  East-west business, political risk assessment/management