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Accounting Faculty

Tenure Track Faculty

Chelsea Rae Austin, Ph.D.
University of Iowa, 2014
Academic Research Interests:  Taxation, determinants and consequences of tax avoidance decisions, and financial reporting tax benefits from stock options

Mark Cecchini, Ph.D.
Department Chair
University of Florida, 2005
Academic Research Interests:  Accounting information systems; financial events prediction; machine learning, theory and application; and automatic text analysis.

Andrew Collins, Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma, 2014
Academic Research Interests:

Ling Harris, Ph.D.
University of Illionois - Urbana-Champaign
Academic Research Interests:  Financial reporting; judgment and Decision Making of Investors and Managers

Scott B. Jackson, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska, 1997
Academic Research Interests:  Earnings management, accounting choices, compensation, and taxation

Marlys Gascho Lipe, Ph.D.
University of Chicago, 1985
Academic Research Interests: Experimental research in Financial and Managerial Accounting, Judgment and Decision Making of Investors and Managers

Tao Ma, Ph.D.
Washington University, 2011
Academic Research Interests: Financial and international accounting, specifically issues related to accounting conservatism and the role of accounting information in solving information asymmetry.

Andrew Newman, Ph.D.
Georgia State University, 2009
Academic Research Interests:  Management accounting, incentives, information systems, internal controls

Donna Bobek Schmitt, Ph.D.
University of Florida, 1997
Academic Research Interests:  Taxation, tax policy, Judgment and Decision Making of Taxpayers and Tax Professionals, Ethical Decision Making

Bryan Stikeleather, Ph.D
University of Pittsburgh, 2013
Academic Research Interests:  Managerial accounting, behavioral & experimental economics, human judgment & decision-making, social norms, whistle-blowing, ethics

Scott D. Vandervelde, Ph.D.
Academic Coordinator, Master of Accountancy
University of Iowa, 2002
Academic Research Interests:  Experimental auditing, judgment and decision-making

Aaron Zimbelman, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign, 2014
Academic Research Interests:  Financial statement fraud, auditing, judgment and decision making, and experimental economics.

Clinical Faculty

Bob Lipe, Ph.D.
University of Chicago, 1985
Academic Research Interests: Financial accounting and reporting with emphasis on policy and standard setting.

Teaching Lecturers

Timothy Baker
M.B.A., University of South Carolina, 2000
Areas of Specialization: Accounting information systems, auditing, and enterprise risk management

Janice Fergusson
MACC, University of South Carolina, 2001
Areas of Specialization:  Managerial accounting, accounting information systems, and governmental/non-profit accounting

Thomas M. Hughes, J.D.
University of South Carolina, 1979
Areas of Specialization:  Business law and contracts

J. David Johnson, IV, Esq.
University of South Carolina, 1999
Areas of Specialization:  Business law, Taxation, Business valuation, ERISA

Jared Jones
Program Coordinator, Master of Accountancy
MACC, University of South Carolina, 2013
Areas of Specialization:

Natalia Scott
M.S., University of South Carolina, 2005
Areas of Specialization: Financial accounting and financial statement analysis

Warren S. "Stan" Smith
Master of Professional Accountancy, Georgia State University, 1979
Areas of Specialization:  Managerial accounting, financial compliance, and individual taxation

Emeritus Faculty

Garnett F. Beazley, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh, 1963

Timothy S. Doupnik, Ph.D.
University of Illinois, 1983

James B. Edwards, Ph.D.
University of Georgia, 1971

Adrian M. Harrell, Ph.D.
University of Texas, 1975

John S. Herin, M.S.
University of South Carolina

Robert (Al) Leitch, Ph.D.
University of Tennessee, 1973

Gary A. Luoma, Ph.D.
Washington University, 1966

Howard P. Sanders, Ph.D.
University of Florida

Earl A. Spiller, Ph.D.
University of Michigan

Caroline D. Strobel, Ph.D.
University of Georgia, 1978

Brad Tuttle
Arizona State University, 1991

Richard A. White, Ph.D.
Arizona State University, 1981